Brooke S.
Some of the best Indian food I've ever had, and I've had a lot. Somehow we hadn't seen this place before despite the fact that we've been to Adriatica many times, AND despite the fact that the entrance is pretty impressive and seemingly hard to miss! It's kind of tucked away at one end. Super good food, kind and attentive staff, good atmosphere and reasonable prices. The only thing I find a bit odd is charging $3.99 for a small bowl of rice... and rice doesn't come with any of the curries? Even still, I wholeheartedly recommend this place. We got the Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower), naan, chicken kahrai and a mushroom lamb something. All amazing!!!
Jody H.
Love the food here. We have eaten at a lot of Indian restaurants and this one was one of the best. The food had great flavor and was not too spicy to enjoy. We will be going back!
Steve L.
This is best local Indian restaurant! The food was delicious and the service was attentive. We had the samosas as an appetizer- they were delicious and hot. Entrées we had were lamb Vindaloo, chicken curry, mushroom & chicken balti, and chicken tikka masala...all were good and portions were sized well. The garlic naan was good too.
Sarin T.
I stopped by for the first time right after open this evening and not surprisingly it was quiet since it was early dinner time. I was greeted kindly and warmly by an employee. It was a lovely restaurant, smallish but with outdoor seating options. They were gracious and helpful in my questions. I knew the apps. I wanted (Samosa Chaat & Paneer Pakora) but needed some help deciding on a Vegetarian entree because they had SO MANY! I felt luxurious with choice. I was suggested the Mushroom & Paneer Masala Balti. I'm not in love with Mushrooms but somehow I knew I should try it anyhow. I got it American Spicy. Offered a choice on Naan, I got Garlic Naan. Everything was so delicious. The Tamarind sauce and a unique dream dust took chickpea coated fried paneer pakora to a level of scrumptious that I didn't know could be achieved. (I'm not sure what's in that dream dust, but I might eat a tire dusted in it!) The Samosa Chaat had Veggie Samosa topped with Chickpeas (Chole) sauced with red onion, fresh cilantro and what seemed to be a cream drizzle, as well as, a spicy sauce that was just the right amount of spicy. The potatoes in the Samosa were simply perfect texture and everything that was fried wasn't remotely greasy. My Mushroom and Paneer Masala Balti was so aromatic and super tasty. The mushrooms were coaxed by the Tomatoe Masala sauce to have just a bit of bite and the paneer and onions balanced this dish to new levels. I fell for the mushrooms, I never thought I could love mushroom. ! I could even spice up next time. The Naan, the NAAN! The size of a serving tray, perfectly charred, garlic and herbs flocked it like a beautiful piece of art. I could wrap myself up in that Naan and live forever Happily, awash in garlic-y secrets! I questioned how easy it was to Veganize a few things since I try to eat completely plant based, but I splurged on some dairy today. They seemed more then accommodating and excited for me to bring back Vegan family next visit, which I'm sure will be very soon. Pardon the Photography, I was too jazzed to eat and I don't regret it one bit
Lin L.
We tried our vegetarian days here. It's pretty full after 6:00pm and you should go before 6 if you don't want to wait. The food takes a bit longer but it's flavorful. We tried vegetarian dishes and will come back to try other dishes.
Nalini C.
I have been to the restaurant for the first time and was very impressed with the menu choices. The food was delicious and the the staff was very courteous. Our server Aakash was very helpful in explaining the various sauces they use specially 'balti sauce' which I was tasting for the first time. Aakash was very friendly and catered to all our needs checking on us that everything was okay. :) I would definitely recommend this restaurant and food.
Nikki S.
Hail to the King!!! Just moved here from California and I've always thought California owned the corner when it came to Indian Cuisine! Well, I stand corrected! King Restaurant in McKinney, TX owns the crown baby! I ordered via doordash today for the first time, so I literally ordered every goat and lamb dishes on the menu, plus one chicken tikka masala dish (for my son). Of course, I did not forget to load up on their basmati rice! From the second I took my first bite, I knew right then and there, that I will hit Yelp as soon as I'm done scarfing down the most curryfic curries, the most masalascious Masalas, naan bread that's second to naan, and their Dhamaka Balti lamb, which I have no freaking idea what's in it or how to even pronounce it. All I know is, my plate (huge plate) didn't even have one morsel of rice left and... I no longer miss California.